One Brand. Launching June 2023: Boldyn Networks
Transit Wireless and the other companies in the BAI Communications group are coming together under one new brand, Boldyn Networks.
We are an inclusive and diverse technology company that designs and builds 5G communications infrastructure.
We design and build 5G communications infrastructure to connect people, improve communities and advance economies.

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Transit communications

Delivering innovative solutions | Enabling connected cities | Proven commercial expertise | Creating richer transit experiences

We deliver high-performance 5G communications infrastructure to transit system operators to enhance the rider experience.

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Fiber solutions

Fiber connections throughout New York city | Co-located services using our base station hotels

We provide cost-effective fiber solutions.

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Large-scale connectivity solutions | Support road systems and tunnels | Operational efficiency | Improve customer experiences

Our large-scale connectivity solutions are cost-effective to install and deploy, efficient to operate, and cope with the most demanding environments.

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Public safety

Guaranteed accessibility | 24/7 network control and monitoring | Dependable communication networks

We design, install and maintain critical communication services for public, emergency and essential services.

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Insight-driven advertising

Captive portal

Our industry-leading, next-generation advertising platform leverages powerful data and insights to unlock unique value for your brand.

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Smart transit solutions

Entry/exit counts | Platform planning | Route planning

We help our partners build for the future of 5G and enables communities to become the smart cities of tomorrow.

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Transit Wireless

A smart cities and 5G industry leader

Transit Wireless, a majority-owned BAI Communications company, is a 5G and smart cities industry leader who provides advanced cellular, Wi-Fi and fiber technology solutions. Our flagship partnership with the MTA, to design, build, finance and operate a multi-application communications infrastructure connects millions of daily riders to Wi-Fi and high-speed data. Our skilled team makes the impossible happen each day by ensuring we deliver reliable connectivity, even in the most complex environments amidst high-density traffic. We guarantee consistent, reliable communications infrastructure, no matter what the challenge.

Transit Wireless puts our customers and communities at the heart of everything we do. Our dedication to excellence, innovation and collaboration is crucial to our success and are at the forefront of every project engagement.

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