By Nupur Sutaria, Senior Designer at Transit Wireless

The media discourse and social media dialogue around the ad campaign I Am an Engineer has been energizing for me.  Engineering is my passion.  Through engineering I am able to combine three of my great interests: design, math and science.  I could not, at this point in my life, imagine myself in any other career field.

As a senior design engineer at Transit Wireless, I get to create new systems and develop technologies that enable people to communicate through wireless and Wi-Fi technology while in New York City’s underground subway stations.  I put my critical problem-solving skills to work every day, I work collaboratively with colleagues and teams of contractors that are often comprised of men.

While they may not always say it, I sense that when I meet seasoned engineers on a jobsite they are thinking, “She doesn’t look like an engineer.”  They’re wrong.  #ILooklikeanengineer because #Iamanengineer.  I have both undergraduate and graduate degrees in mechanical engineering from Columbia University.

Since joining Transit Wireless about two-and-a-half-years ago, my career has progressed from project engineer to design engineer and to my current position, senior design engineer.  I have contributed to many design components of this massive project.  In 2017, we will complete the wireless and Wi-Fi systems build-out in 278 underground New York City subway stations.

I am proud to be a member of an incredibly smart and hard-working engineering team at Transit Wireless.  My company’s engineers don’t all look the same, but we stand for the same professional principles and we are all capable of doing amazing things.

Transit Wireless is currently looking for other passionate engineers to join our team. Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply now.