In our final installment of Building in the Boroughs, we travel to Brooklyn. Brooklyn is home to one of the largest and most popular building projects Transit Wireless has worked on yet: the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station. Implementing the Transit Wireless network in the widespread and highly modern station called for a different skill set and alternative engineering designs to the historic stations detailed in our Manhattan post, the environmental considerations of Queens, or the confined spaces of Bronx stations.

The difficulty of building our network the Atlantic Av-Barclays Center station began with the sheer size of the project—the station alone measures over 4,700 square feet, and like the Westfield Center in Lower Manhattan, this station is a multi-part complex. It includes the Atlantic Avenue MTA subway station, the Atlantic LIRR station, and a mall. The size of the complex raised concerns with Remote Fiber engineers, who wanted to make sure that signal was fluid throughout the building. The RF teams developed custom designs and found strategic equipment placements to ensure this was the case.

As a high-traffic, high-profile station, Atlantic Av-Barclays Center station also had special aesthetic requirements to meet in order to operate. The typical black-cased fiber cables used in almost every other station had to be either painted, or concealed by conduits. Any cables that ran from ceiling to floor were hidden by or behind columns.

Atlantic Av-Barclays Center has an annual ridership of almost 14 million people per year. The final product of all our efforts proved to be a success; with this station ranking number one for log-ins on the Transit Wireless network in the borough for 2017.

Building the Transit Wireless network throughout New York City, wasn’t easy—but the results have been amazing. This year marked our first year of full-connectivity, and as a result, over 280 million cellular calls originated within the underground subway stations, and 120 million Wi-Fi log-ins were made to the public Wi-Fi network. With several years of intimate knowledge of the underground landscape and relationship-building with various organizations under our belt, our forward-thinking team will continue to extend and improve our Wi-Com network.