Join Transit Wireless in Celebrating World WiFi Day!

Transit Wireless is proud to collaborate with the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) in celebration of World Wi-Fi Day today, June 20th. By actively participating in and promoting World Wi-Fi Day, we hope to shine a light on Wi-Fi’s wide range of life-changing capabilities and encourage others to join in and do the same.

Wi-Fi plays a large role in connecting cities, communities, and individuals around the world to one another.  In New York City, around 5.8 million trips are taken on the subway every weekday, and many of those riders enjoy the TransitWirelessWiFi mobile platform we provide to connect to our public Wi-Fi service.

One way Transit Wireless is contributing this month is through the #SubwayLibrary initiative. This partnership between our company, the MTA, and the New York Public Libraries allows us to deliver free content through the TransitWirelessWiFi mobile platform available at all underground NYC subway stations.  By connecting through the SSID/network ‘TransitWirelessWiFi’ and visiting, travelers on the New York City Subway can access a repository of hundreds books they can read while commuting.

As part of the #SubwayLibrary initiative and keeping New York City residents and visitors connected to one another, Transit Wireless is holding a 6-week long social media contest where winners will receive a number of fun and unique prizes including Amazon Voyage eReaders.

Visit to learn more about the international initiative!


Connect to to see the full details on how to enter into the contest. Also, keep on the lookout for the #SubwayLibrary train running on the E&F lines!

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