|Publication: Broadband Communities May/June 2018 Issue

If you’ve ever texted, chatted on the phone or connected to Wi-Fi while you waited for a train in the New York City subway, you’ve used Transit Wireless’s network. Thanks to Transit Wireless, the days of unceremoniously losing your connection while descending underground are over. In 2005, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) had a vision of introducing connectivity in the underground subway stations for its 5.7 million daily riders, and Transit Wireless was the company selected to create this broadband wireless network as part of a public-private partnership. The company, which holds a 27-year contract with the MTA, designed, built and maintains a neutral-host cellular system and a public Wi-Fi network in all underground New York City subway stations. Though the underground station project is now complete, Transit Wireless’s role in the subway system continues to evolve.

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