We connect brands to audiences that deliver

Transit Wireless offers one of the largest data-driven captive audience advertising platforms. Our industry-leading, next-generation approach unlocks audiences to engage with your brand without disruption. 

Why Transit Wireless?

Our goal is to help marketers connect their brand to a highly qualified audience.

Transit Wireless is at the forefront of Smart Cities and opens the door for marketers to connect their brand experiences to an always-on audience.


   Unlock an untapped audience – Hyper-targeted locations throughout the north east

   Connect millions of data signals to identify your customer interests

   Creative content to engage your customers and a content distribution platform


Wi-Fi powered by advertising


Transit Wireless is a leading 5G, neutral host infrastructure company that provides Wi-Fi to high occupancy venues and organizations. Our network enables brands to offer free Wi-Fi in exchange for watching an ad.

In your settings, select


Click connect to



6 second video

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You’re connected.

How it works: Connect to your captive audience

283 active Wi-Fi stations

5 minute average session duration

28 million monthly impressions

1.2 million monthly uniques

10% average click-through rate
An advertising network that matters to your brand

Promote your products and get the right kind of attention for your brand

100% ad viewability

No ad fraud

No ad blocking

100% brand safe

Targeted reach

Real-time Wi-Fi analytics

Data that informs business decisions and drives brand engagement.


Centralized access point for all your reporting


Data that helps you better understand your consumer segments


Run multi-platform digital ad campaigns