Enable smarter cities and transit

We enable innovative, smart solutions to advance operational efficiencies for transit authorities, help realize cost-savings and increase rider satisfaction. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions allow us to build for the station and city of the future through preventive train maintenance, security and safety systems, environmental monitoring and improved navigation.

Real-Time Station Crowding

Our passenger crowding monitor reports in real-time the level of occupation density at different stations and platforms, and raises warnings when crowding events build up. Better platform analytics allow traffic to be redirected from congested areas, enhance safety and improve the customer experience.

We work with transit authorities to implement a proactive approach to address overcrowding, which helps manage disruptions more effectively, and enables the proper allocation of resources, such as support staff or extra vehicles, in a way that best meets passenger needs.

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Ridership monitor

Our solution accurately reports on station entrances and exits in real time. This visibility allows the transit authorities to proactively adjust service schedules and systematically forecast service plans. Additionally, historical data can be analyzed to highlight usage patterns based on weather conditions or city events, to help make more informed decisions.


Origin-destination intelligence

We help transit operators understand system-wide travel patterns and present real-time information on foot traffic within stations. Our analytics help transit operators better understand travel routes, inform efficient plan schedules, avoid congestion, and make for a smoother public transit experience.