Colocation & Data Center Services

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Transit Wireless operates five secure, strategically-located colocation/data centers in New York City connected by a fast, high-capacity fiber network to deliver secure services for telecommunications carriers and businesses of all types with availability in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Design & Construction

Design_&_ConstructionWe can provide customized design and project management solutions for your colocation needs and requirements.  Our services include design, equipment specification and installation, and connectivity solutions based on your requirements.


DatacenterColocating with Transit Wireless means you’ll get on-time interconnection, fast market entry, reduced capital expenditure and customizable solutions. Our colocation/data centers are highly secure facilities – inside and out – beginning with biometric and closed circuit TV systems at entries.  Both security and operations are managed and monitored 24/7, 365-days a year.  Inside, our colocation facilities feature state-of-the-art servers in single or multiple racks, multiple power and UPS options, N+1 cooling, an automatic fire suppression system, multiple redundant fiber connections to all major networks, and other enhanced systems to protect our business and yours.

Whether your company seeks carrier colocation, enhanced data security, expanded bandwidth or cost savings, there are many smart reasons to consider data center and colocation services from Transit Wireless.

Colocation Network Operations


We offer five locations within New York City with thousands of square footage for your colocation needs. Our in-house team will work directly with you to ensure the ultimate security and safety standards.  Our Network Operations Center monitors the service 24x7x365, enabling us to provide onsite, emergency remediation when needed.  Your business never stops – why should your network?

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