Wi-Fi Solutions




The TransitWirelessWiFi™ network in all active New York City subway underground stations is designed to provide a multitude of services and applications including:

  • Internet connectivity for consumers
  • Media and content delivery
  • Business to business services such as:
    • Wholesale
    • Roaming
    • Cellular offload
    • Secure, private networks
    • Machine to machine (M2M) and internet of things (IoTs) connectivity

Design & Construction


Whether it’s a transit system project, municipal Wi-Fi or a corporate network, Transit Wireless brings a superior level of engineering and project management expertise to every Wi-Fi project. We deliver turnkey solutions that include design, equipment specification and installation, connectivity, authentication, and network operations.

Wi-Fi Advertising

Mobile devices are fully integrated into the lifestyles of New York City’s six million daily subway riders. Transit Wireless has deployed a high speed, robust Wi-Fi experience integrated with a sophisticated, advanced advertising platform that offers brands direct engagement with consumers on the go, at a time when they are a captive audience.

Learn more about our Wi-Fi Advertising Solutions.

Additional Wi-Fi Services



  • Wi-Fi roaming is available on any device on the TransitWirelessWiFi™


  • Brands or companies interested in creating their own SSID for their customers have the ability utilizing the public Wi-Fi network in the New York City underground.


  • Cellular offloading, also known as Wi-Fi offloading, is the use of complementary network technologies for delivering data originally targeted for wireless coverage. Offloading significantly reduces the amount of data being carried on the cellular bands, freeing up bandwidth within a given area or network.


Wi-Fi Network Operations

  • 5,000+ wireless network access points
  • 7,000+ antennas
  • 400 RF nodes and power supplies

The Transit Wireless New York City underground subway station network require constant monitoring and maintenance.

Our Network Operations Center monitors the service 24 x 7 x 365, enabling us to provide onsite, emergency remediation when needed.

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