By Tamara Caison-Desjardins, Senior OSP Design Engineer at Transit Wireless

When people tell me, “You don’t look like an engineer,” I am neither surprised nor offended.  I realize that I work in a career field that’s still male dominated.  I am not only an engineer but an African-American, a wife and mother of four, someone who’s not your typical engineer. Throughout my career I am often the only woman in the room.  Yes, #ILooklikeanengineer and I look like a mother and wife.

At Transit Wireless, I help design the fiber optic backbone that supports the wireless and Wi-Fi services we’re building out in the 278 underground stations within the New York City subway system. Prior to joining Transit Wireless, I surveyed and designed coax, Wi-Fi and fiber optics for a large cable company.  Because Transit Wireless is still a fairly young and very much a growing company, I’m able to put my hands into many things.  I like that I am challenged and I keep learning and growing.

My engineering career choice is very different from the high school journalist I once was.   Everyone assumed I would work for the local newspaper after college and that’s exactly why I got a degree in electronics and telecommunications instead.  My inner rebel wanted to prove I could do something different.

I am pleased that this #ILooklikeanengineer movement is trying to break down stereotypes and encourage women to pursue their career goals, specifically in the technology industry.  I am proud of my professional and personal achievements. I hope that in my position as a Senior Outside Plant (OSP) Engineer for Transit Wireless, I serve as a role model for other young women.  #ILookLikeAnEngineer.


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