New York State Universal Broadband is holding its Wireless Broadband in New York State Summit June 11-12 in Albany. They provide information on the state’s efforts to ensure every New Yorker has access to affordable, high-speed broadband services in urban and rural communities from border to border.

Today, Transit Wireless Director of Wireless Business Development, Eric Mercer, participated in a panel focused on the state of wireless within New York. The panel focused on the development of wireless broadband, including an in-depth discussion of a few case studies of wireless broadband projects in New York in various environments and areas.

Transit Wireless designs, builds and deploys wireless and Wi-Fi technology within the New York City underground subway stations. Currently at more than 100 stations in Manhattan and Queens, Transit Wireless will deploy the Bronx by the end of the year and connectivity in Brooklyn will begin in 2016.

The panel will discuss a variety of topics that include the wireless broadband service in economic development zones in Brooklyn and Queens; a neutral host DAS and Wi-Fi system in the 278 underground stations of the New York City Subway system; wireless broadband network in rural Columbia County; municipal gigabit Wi-Fi network in kiosks on the New York City streets and sidewalks; large scale LTE network throughout upstate New York to address high speed data demands and wireless installations in New York and across the United States.

Panelist Include:

  • David Bronston, Board Member, NYSWA, Special Counsel Phillips Lytle (moderator)
  • Joe Plotkin, Director, Sales & Marketing, ASA Networks
  • Alfred West, CEO, Xchange Telecom
  • Eric Mercer, Director of Wireless Business Development, Transit Wireless
  • Greeley Ford, Senior Technical Process/Quality Manager, AT&T Mobility
  • Paul Fettucia, Vice President Business Development, ANS Advanced Network Services
  • Mike Liccone, Qualcomm/Link NYC